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Chesapeake Bay Helicopters, Inc. (CBH) incorporated in 1998 and is a leader in providing technologically based, diversified commercial services and asset reliability support for utility companies across the nation.

We currently offer the following products:

Inspection & Power Line Patrol, Remote Sensing & Leak Detection, Pipeline Patrol, Helicopter & Equipment Leasing, Helicopter Maintenance Services, Part 135 Charter Operations, Part 133 External Load, and more!

FLIR Systems

We offer multiple gyro-stabilized power line inspection systems with up to four different camera payload options, simultaneously.

  • Ultraviolet camera for corona detection
  • Radiometric infrared camera for detecting thermal hot-spots
  • High-definition video camera
  • High-resolution digital frame camera

Adept and Responsive

Exceptional Attention to Detail
Highly Trained & Experienced

Let’s face it. We work in an ever-changing environment, with changing client expectations, deliverable dates, adverse weather conditions, and a plethora of other factors. Luckily, for the staff at Chesapeake Bay Helicopters, Inc., it’s just another day in the office. Our unofficial motto is Semper Gumby, as we’re ready to adapt and change to just about anything thrown at us.