Helicopter & Equipment Leasing

What Makes us different

Single Black Helicopter

Helicopter & Equipment Leasing

      • Short and long term leasing Bell 206, MD500, R44
      • Equipment Rental (FLIR, Lidar and Imagery Systems)
      • Live Line Equip. Trailer, Tyler Power bench
      • Leak-Detection Equipment
      • Helicopter Mounts for Video and Lidar work

Infrared, Corona, Day TV Camera Rentals

CBH is able to provide your company with Infrared, Corona Video, Daytime Television, HD Video, LIDAR and Ortho-Mosaic Imagery cameras.


We are able to provide in a single gimbaled unit:

      • Gyro-stabilized Infrared video
      • Gyro-stabilized Corona video
      • Gyro-stabilized Day TV video (HD Capable)

These systems may be utilized to conduct integrity inspections on power line assets for the rapid detection of hot switches, jumpers broken conductor, poor pole grounding, and other power line hardware before they cause expensive outage problems.

High Definition Video

      • Cineflex HD Video gimbal

This camera provides high definition video imagery. Excellent source of documentation for project planning and reference and has been utilized for television documentary filming, as well.

LiDAR, Orthomosaic Camera Rentals

CBH provides rentals to collect the following types of data for your firm:

      • LiDAR data (high and low altitude, 550Khz sensor)
      • Base station and GPS information
      • High quality, digital oblique images
      • High quality orthomosaics (digital color or color infrared)

Installed alongside of our LiDAR unit, we have a high resolution KODAK camera that is capable of producing high quality, geo-referenced, oblique imagery that can be utilized for density studies, asset documentation, and Outdoor Gathering Area (OCA) and High Consequence Area (HCA) determinations.