Pipeline Inspections

Expert Nationwide Helicopter Service

Pipeline Patrol

CBH started Pipeline Patrols more than 20 years ago with 1 Fixed-Wing asset. In the following years, we’ve gained knowledge and expertise, expanding our footprint nationwide. We have developed relationships with the best technology companies to ensure we offer only the best services to our clients. Be it routine visual inspections, leak detection missions, ROW video, or storm patrols; CBH will meet and exceed your needs.

  • Routine Aerial Patrol: Survey ROW for incursions and provide excellent aerial photography and GPS Coordinates
  • LDS: utilizing Apogee: 50 samples per second of methane, total hydrocarbons and CO2
  • LDS: utilizing ALMA: Infrared laser, system analyzes, and tests for methane
  • 911 Incursion: Identify dangerous situations and relay back to client (Near Instantaneous Notifications)
  • Storm Patrol: Full fleet available to ensure safety (MD 500, Bell 206, R44 Raven II)
  • CBH utilizes the latest technology to ensure all patrols are completed in a timely and efficient manner. CBH offers next business day reporting for routine aerial patrols and near instantaneous turn-around for 911 incursions. 2 pilot system utilized to increase efficiency and effectiveness. All flight crews OQ Certified (in-house Veriforce Certificated Trainer), cross trained and OSHA safety trained.

Gas Leak Detection

(Aerial, Facilities, Cargo Ships)

We offer specialized aerial gas leak detection and reporting.

Whether it’s patrolling natural gas pipelines, cargo ships, chemical plants, or compressor stations – we can pinpoint the source of emissions.

Ground Gas Leak Detection

We offer specialized ground-based detection and reporting for ground-based facilities to include the following:

      • Natural gas compressor stations
      • Extraction plants, valves, and gates
      • Chemical plants and refineries

Mobile and Aerial Leak Detection Services

CBH uses the Apogee system for detecting methane and total hydrocarbon leaks from pipelines, production and storage facilities, landfills, and coal seam seeps.

System Features
      • An advanced, innovative system that is sensitive, fast, and rugged
      • Measures methane, total hydrocarbons, and carbon dioxide simultaneously at sub-ppm concentrations
      • Monitoring rates of 50 samples/second, Leak locations determined by GPS
      • Advanced software allows for immediate processing of data
      • Can be mounted on helicopters or ground vehicles
System Benefits
      • Improved system safety and integrity
      • Saves time with fast mobile detection
      • Saves money, Maximizes accuracy with no false positives
      • Simplifies reporting, Operates easily, anywhere

Summary of our Gas Leak Detection Capabilities

Natural Gas Leak Detection Services
      • Technology Developer, especially instruments
      • Advanced Leak Detection Technologies
      • Commercialized and Proven
Oil and Gas Detection Services
      • Leak Detection Surveys from Gathering, Transmission, and Distribution Pipelines
      • Leak Detection Surveys from Production and Storage Facilities
      • Landfill Methane Leak Surveillance
      • Coal-Seam Methane Surveys
      • Compressor Station NOx and CH2O Emissions Measurements
        • An innovative infrared-based method for detecting leaks from hydrocarbon liquids and gas pipelines, production and storage facilities, landfills, and coal-seam seeps.
LDS – 3rd Generation
      • High Speed – High Sensitivity Three Gas Detector for Mobil applications
      • Methane
      • Total Hydrocarbons
      • Carbon Dioxide
      • GPS with real time mapping system
      • Integrated Geographic Information System (GIS)