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CBHelos-extra-21Orthophotography (NADIR & Oblique)

We can handle all your aerial photography and filming needs.

Ortho-Mosaic Photography

Chesapeake Bay Helicopters can provide high quality Ortho-Mosaic digital imagery of pipelines, power lines, or any other asset. We also provide helicopters for still photography applications.

We have a high resolution KODAK camera installed alongside of our LiDAR unit. This camera is capable of producing high quality, geo-referenced, ortho-mosaic imagery for pipeline density studies, asset documentation, or project planning. This technology is perfect for pipeline companies interested in documenting structures within a specified corridor for class density, and Outdoor Gathering Area (OCA) and High Consequence Area (HCA) determinations.

We have the experience you need to get the shot right the first time and have worked with the following companies and organizations to include: News agencies, Department of the NAVY, Municipalities, Production companies, Magazines, Professional photographers, National Geographic, and the History Channel.

And Still Photography

We have a variety of aircraft available for your aerial photography needs. Our Bell Jet Ranger 206 B3 can seat the pilot and up to four passengers. Our helicopters are very stable as camera platforms and are affordable. This allows photographers who have tried to “get by” using a fixed-wing aircraft to benefit from the visibility, free range of motion, and the versatility that helicopters provide.

We utilize GPS (Global Positioning System) and moving maps to get us to the location quickly in order to save our clients from aimless wandering while trying to find a location from the air. With CBH, you have the choice of getting the shots yourself, or using a CBH-supplied photographer for that special wall shot or company brochure. If you are a photographer, drop us a line and let us know what your specialty is. We are always expanding our photographer list in order to better serve our clients, and this will mean referrals for you.

Whether you need a pleasure flight, construction shots, boating, residential, or advertising and promotional filming, we have the experience you need to get the shot right the first time.

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