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CBH has rapidly grown into leading LiDAR data and digital image collection agencies. Our business model includes being a data collection subcontractor and not necessarily an end-product supplier. All of our subcontracting work arrangements for LiDAR and image collection are kept strictly confidential.

We can collect and process the following types of data for your firm:

• LiDAR data (high and low altitude, 550Khz sensor)
• Base stations and GPS information
• Gyro-stabilized Infrared video (used for power line inspections)
• Gyro-stabilized Corona video (used for power line inspections)
Gyro-stabilized Day TV video (including quality, HD video)
• High quality, digital oblique images
• High quality orthomosaics (digital color or color infrared)


Aerial Filming & Electronic News Gathering

We are available for work with the Cineflex camera all over the East Coast of the USA. We also have the experience to get your news agency in the air!

CBH Base in Charleston, WV

We offer the following services with our Bell Jet Ranger helicopter:
• Gas leak detection
• Aerial filming with a Cineflex HD camera


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Emergency: 24/7

Fax: (757) 465-9946