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CBHelos-extra-18Chesapeake Bay Helicopters’ Safety Standards

Chesapeake Bay Helicopters’ safety management system (SMS) is an organized approach to managing safety tailored specifically to the need of our company. It lays out our organizational structure, accountabilities, policies, and procedures for operation. At the heart of the CBH SMS strategy is a strong desire to establish a collaborative and data-driven approach to manage risk across the entire company.

CBH is committed to safety in all phases of our operations. All employees are encouraged to participate in the development of new procedures, or revisions to existing procedures. Employees are also encouraged to challenge and intervene where aspects of safety are compromised and where areas of compliance are breached. We have formal safety reporting mechanisms, including anonymous reporting, which is non-punitive.

All CBH employees receive annual OSHA and Energy Safety training from accredited organizations. Every field operator and leader is responsible for attending annual SMS refresher training, as well as “Flying in the Wire and Obstruction Envrionment.”

The CBH SMS is an integral part of our daily operations. We expect to maintain efficiency in our daily operations by doing every job safely and correctly the first time, and every time. Our safety policies and procedures are always subject to amendment if we find a better, safer way.

In order to uphold our high standards for safety, we conduct our own internal audits and contract with Utilities Aviation Specialists (UAS) to conduct an external audit. Our most recent UAS audit was conducted in November 2017.

Our Director of Safety has a certificate in Aviation Risk Management from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. She has also  completed the Safety Management Systems for Managers course through FlightSafety International.


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